American Football, The Ultimate Sport

American Football is one of the most physical types of sports that a person can play today. Therefore if you want o avoid the risk of injury when playing this game it is important that you wear the right sort of protective gear. Certainly one of the most important items of clothing that a player should be wearing when playing this sport is pads. But with so many different kinds of pads to select from how can you determine which are the right ones for you.

In this article we take a brief look at some of the things that need to be considered and which will as a result help you to decide which pads to buy when you play American Football. when is the nfl draft 2020 But first let us take a look at just what the pads look like that are worn when playing this game.

The pads are made from several layers with the one closest to the body not only providing cushioning but also being able to absorb shock. Whereas the outer layer is made from tough plastic and are placed across the shoulders to guard them from any potential injury. Also attached to the ones covering the shoulders by straps there is another set of pads that are used to cover the rib and chest area. Again providing ample protection to avoid the risk of any serious harm being caused to the players as they tackle each other during a game. Also to ensure that the pads feel comfortable when worn players will have foam rubber placed underneath them.

So what reasons are there for wearing these pads during a game?

Reason 1 РWhen players clash during a game of American Football a lot of force will be employed by them to prevent their opponents from reaching their goal. By wearing the pads a player will find that they help to disburse the shock caused by the impact over a great area and so of course a lot less pressure is being placed on the area where impact occurred.

Reason 2 –¬†Although most of the force of the impact can be distributed sometimes it cannot be done so. The design of these pads is such that they are then able to soak up the rest of the force of the impact through deformation. What this means is that the shoulder pads are strung with tight webbing and it is this which helps to deform the impact felt.

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