The Compound in Compound Microscopes

A compound microscope has two or more lenses for greater magnification – the better to see small objects. The compound is about better viewing aided with technical add-ons.

The Better View

Before the compound microscope was invented, scientists had to content themselves with the simple microscope which actually worked like a magnifying glass. But thanks to the simple microscope; creative minds set to work to improve the simple microscope. The discovery that two convex lenses provided a better magnification led to the improvements on the simple microscope and finally the compound microscope was born.

The current compound microscopes are hybrids of several microscopy functions. Expect to see several designs and models in Toronto shops. Among the top-sellers are Carl Zeiss, Leica, Olympus, Nikon, and Meiji but imported microscopes from China are getting a big share of buyers who prefer cheaper yet accurate microscopes.

A compound microscope’s basic design consists of convex lenses fitted on the ends of a hollow tube. This tube is attached to rotary or adjustable nosepiece. Microscope On the adjustable stage, under the nosepiece, the object can be viewed through the lenses. If the simple microscope was a sophisticated version of the magnifying glass, then the compound microscope does better than that, magnifying objects 2000x.

The light beam from the light source, usually a mirror, passes through the window of the adjustable stage and when it hits the object to be viewed, the object stands out in strong contrast against the background. The sales representative will demonstrate how the illumination is adjusted for viewing control and if you want some modifications, you can ask for a quote for an assembled compound microscope; in Toronto dealers provide quotes customized assembly upon request.

Buyer Options

You can request for assembled microscopes if you want cheaper units. The assembled parts are sourced from different microscope brands to give you a hybrid that works just as efficiently. You can request for a compound microscope outfitted with Leica lenses or special eyepieces, light bulbs/illuminator, and mechanical stage.

If you want to see how it works, request for a demo and see if your expectations are met by a particular microscope brand. Whether you purchase a brand new compound biological microscope or an assembled microscope, dealers offer warranties.

You can enjoy post-purchase privileges and be confident that these dealers have people who can fix microscopes should you require this service from these dealers of the latest microscope; in Toronto, doing repairs of different microscopes from different brands is a studied expertise and part of their services.

Dealers of the updated compound microscope in Toronto can provide competitive rates for high grade professional microscopes because they are direct importers of optical microscopes, replacement parts, accessories, and supporting materials. With these handy options, you can confidently purchase your microscope.

Toronto dealers of microscopes have online stores to expedite convenient shopping. Their websites display various models of diverse microscope labels – from high end models to less expensive units. You can browse the different units and check out their function and accessories that come with the unit.

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